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February 11th to March 31st

Submission Photos Due March 31, 2024

Why you should join the 8-week challenge?

You should join because every thought you have and every step you take makes a difference.  Each day and week you choose not to move toward your goals is lost time that is gone forever.  You are not getting younger and the next week, year, or decade is not promised to you.  Make time to put yourself first because you have an obligation to yourself and your loved ones to live the life you want.  Its time to stop making excuses and pushing your goals off.

The next 8 weeks will be a physical and mental challenge that will begin a new future for you.  The habits and discipline you build now will take you far beyond the Body Transformation Challenge. This is NOT simply a weight loss challenge but rather a body composition transformation challenge.  We are giving away $500 CASH to the best overall female transformation and $500 CASH to the best overall male transformation. Additional prizes include: 1st Phorm Supplements, 1 Year Gym Membership, Training Gear and many, many more!  The challenge costs nothing extra to enter.  You simply need to be a member at Athletic Performance Specialists of Idaho.


How to enter and win

*Sign up for the APSI Body Transformation Challenge by submitting BEFORE photos.  Submissions are due by midnight on Sunday February 11, 2024.  Be sure to keep your original BEFORE photos because you will also need them for final submission. 

*Final submissions are due by 5:00pm on Sunday March 31, 2024.  You will submit your BEFORE and AFTER photos side by side for the final submission.

How to take progress pictures

*Pictures must be full body with head to toes in the frame.  DO NOT take photos in a mirror!  Use a tripod or have somebody take your picture.  Do the exact same pose, stand in the exact same place at the same time of day, and wear the exact same clothes to take pictures for the BEFORE and AFTER.

*The same lighting at the same time of day in front of the same background will show the most difference from BEFORE to AFTER.  The same clothes will fit you differently after your transformation which will highlight your progress.  Also, be sure to use a clutter free background. 

*Females wear a 2-piece bathing suit or shorts and a sports bra.  Males are shirtless with shorts.

*Take 3 photos.  Front pose: stand relaxed with arms at your sides.  Side pose: turn sideways to the camera and stand relaxed with arms at your sides.  Back pose: stand relaxed back to the camera with arms at your sides.  Optional, your best pose: you may choose a flexed pose for this such as front or back double bicep, most muscular, etc.  Go ahead and show off! 

*Post a paper next to you in each picture, taped to the wall for example, that clearly says “APSI Body Transformation Challenge” Be sure to include your name, date, and bodyweight on the paper.

*Use a collage app and put your BEFORE and AFTER pictures side by side.  Place the two front pictures on one sheet.  The two side pictures on a sheet and the two back pictures on a sheet.  Put the BEFORE picture on the left and the AFTER picture to the right.

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