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Corey Rasmussen
Owner & CEO

Corey has been in the fitness and wellness industry for over 25 years. Being a physical therapist and fitness enthusiast, he understands the importance of exercise and fitness to optimize one's quality and quantity of life. Founded on the same principles that he used to build one of the most successful physical therapy companies in the area (PTSI), Corey opened Athletic Performance Specialists of Idaho (APSI). The original concept began as a program to help youth athletes train for their sport by optimizing research-based approaches and more importantly putting a strong emphasis on quality movements to protect against injury. This expanded into creating a facility that would be the foundation of these efforts and offer an environment to meet these needs.  Today, APSI is open to public memberships and serves all populations including youth, young adults, adults, and geriatrics. Corey continues to assist gym manager Darryl in managing APSI and participates in fitness education and training programs.

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